Milford Sound & Sunset 
 by Luís Henrique de Moraes Boucault

Milford Sound & Sunset 
 by Luís Henrique de Moraes Boucault
"Breathe. It’s only a bad day not a bad life."
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To be in a state of
complete bliss I have realized
is holding your space
inside of you sacred
honorable, that you
are the one who
calls home a home inside
of you- that
no matter where you
there is a journey
that awaits you
to follow it
no matter which path
you take
it is still
your path, you
have the choice
to change and continue.

"Anxiety, you have swept
over me from under
the rug
I once swept you under
You beckoned me
to not
be afraid
You are calling me to
own you,
you are calling me to
feel you,
What do you have to say? “
I asked.

Anxiety replies,
“With the utmost care,
I await your trust-
that where I lead you,
is down a path of understanding,
a plethora of opportunity.
You will reap abundance of joy
because you accept me,
And as we will dance together
in delicate choreography diving deep
within the chambers of your soul
the creativity that lies inside of you
will burn with nostalgia.”

I step closer
I look up to the clouds
and see the reflection of my soul
effortlessly shifting
transforming- beauty

"Okay" I declared
with my heart as open as the sun
spilling its rays, glazing my skin with light
“I intend through you that I understand
the limitless possibilities
of my creative power,
that when you arise,
I will call you a guide
through the darkness.”

You are abundant,
You are infinite.
You hold the keys,
You are the lock.”

-Kayla Shears


Make A Wish ~ By Michael Shainblum

Make A Wish ~ By Michael Shainblum

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Black/Dot by Linza

Black/Dot by Linza

Infinity (by Cameron Sandercock)

Infinity (by Cameron Sandercock)


Misty landscapes in Sweden

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Breathe, 2014 | Elizabeth Gadd

My greatest goal in life is to be the person in all of these pictures, and to make a career doing it.

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